Have we forgotten to be funny?

An interview with Cyrus Broacha.
When April Fools’ Day ends most of us are back to being blue. Returning to mundane routines and pining for weekends. Some of world’s top comedians make it their business to be funny even when no one is laughing.  For Indian satirists, there’s enough fodder for humour with the twists and turns in the political landscape. Many miles away from my home town, a show that often cracks us up is ‘The Week That Wasn’t, with Cyrus Broacha.’ Hosted on News 18 (Formerly CNN IBN) it is a half hour run down of Indian politics and has ruffled feathers on more than one occasion. It might not be the funniest show on television but the anchors have the guts to make sure they have the last laugh. 
Catching up with the host, Cyrus, seems impossible at first. Like any anchor, he is writing and rehearsing in a Mumbai studio, juggling between events in Pune and even working on podcasts for a radio podcast show called ‘Cyrus Says.’
For well over two decades he’s got brickbats…

What's so funny?

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A shade of saffron

Ab:original checks out the latest dining venue on Dubai Marina. 

When you don’t know anything about Persian cuisine you go with the flow. Luckily I am always willing to learn and I have a weakness for good food. It is why I love to travel and explore new countries and opportunities. On this occasion I got to meet what could arguably be the first man in Iranian cuisine in Dubai, Chef Ebrahim.
He is unobtrusive. Almost childlike when we first meet. Addresses my husband at first and I soon realise it is because most women he meets would never really dare to ask too many questions. There’s an air of respect that I admire and it is good to listen to the banter that ensues. The food that is laid on the table is all fresh. I can see a few drops of water on the crisp green grapes that are laid on the table. They are put right next to fresh cheese and walnuts all waiting to be eaten. If this isn’t sheer poetry, I don’t know what is.
Warm fresh loaves of bread are brought to our table by ladies …

Summer holiday

For most people, a swimming pool may seem like just another place to unwind. To potter about when its not too hot.

For my family it provided hours and hour of great memories. Our recent stay-cation at Millenium Aiport Hotel in Dubai provided loads of sun, some amount of sun-block, family hugs and laughs.

We tend to take the most important things in life for granted. Fresh air and kind service is one of them. Like most people rushing on assignments, we too had a lot to do. It was just an overnight stay so we packed a few things (except the kitchen sink) and were soon on our way.
As my children bathed in the sunlight of a warm Dubai day I knew, our summer had just started with a splash.

We were treated to breakfast at Loumi restaurant. The staff was always on the move as we were there on a busy Friday morning, when the hotel is packed to capacity.
Won't forget watching my daughter pour us a cup of fresh orange juicer herself as she told us about her new foundfriends at the buffet count…

Black eyed beans - Full of good proteins - Simple Goan style

Hello readers,
If you are stuck with vegetarian options (and I know we all are sometimes), this is something that I love to cook. 
What is lobia. Well its a bean with a black dot in the centre. Its easily available in the market. Stores well and is full of good protein.  All it takes is a few basic ingredients. Most of the time I scout for recipes online. Make them my own. I often ask my sisters, aunts and have some recipes tucked away. At Ab:original we share.

Black eyed beans or peas (called lobia in Hindi) – 1 cup
Green chillies – 2
Turmeric powder – 1/4 teaspoon
Mustard seeds – 1/4 tsp
Oil – 2 tsp (I used coconut oil)
Salt – to taste
Hing – asafoetida - a pinch
Medium sized tomato
How to Make Abigail’s Black Eyed Beans

1. Soak the beans overnight or at least for 5-6 hours. Keep it covered in the kitchen. Magically the beans seem to double in the morning. 2. In a pan use coconut oil and add slit green chilly. Saute for a minute or so.   3. Remove chillies. Add a pinch of hi…

A grilling experience

With new places opening up in Dubai with almost such a frantic pace, it is hard for writers and reviewers to ever keep up.Have just visited the DXB Grill, a new intimate dining outlet at the Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai. Among a lot of the grilled items it also serves a mean beef steak and a myriad of seafood combinations. 

Guests are greeted with a welcome fruit drink and a host of teas and desserts. My favourite was the watermelon.  According to General Manager Simon Moore, with the growing competition in Dubai market, new restaurants have to carve a niche very quickly to catch the attention of the discerning diners. “What we are offering is a culinary theatre – the very best steak and seafood served with flair, but at a price point that is still accessible to the market,” he said.  “The DXB name is familiar to everyone in Dubai who travels through the airport, and the branding will play a key role in the success of the DXB Grill.”

Among forthcoming attractions at the DXB Grill are …

Ola to the Gipsy Kings!

The sound of guitars strumming in the fresh air. A soft, gentle breeze and a lot of laughs. This is what great music, be it classical, reggae or folk, does to one's soul. It is the universal feeling most people get when they listen to their favourite tunes. For me, this weekend offered a chance to meet the living legends of my childhood.

For anyone who has grown up in a large family, there's always an imaginary revolving door. People are coming and going. Travelling up and down. Some enter your life when you least expect it and others choose to stay away. What remains are the moments of human interaction. The stuff that nostalgia, in any language cannot explain but hopes to do so in song.

My interview with the Gipsy Kings was postponed, cancelled and at times even seemed outright impossible. These days every one is on a tight schedule. It is no one's fault. I just made sure I didn't let anything or anyone stop me from meeting the six guys who were there for a sound check…