Movie Review - Veere di Wedding

Finally a gutsy movie where women can be the real heroes. This is a film which drew me to it and I didn't mind buying my ticket to watch it alone. When I got to the cinema hall I realised that I was in a room full of mostly women of all ages. 
Veere di Wedding is a flat out Punjabi movie with many references which took me a while to comprehend. Veere loosely translates to a brother and the film revolves around the lives of four girls who are high school friends, that make a pact to always be there for one another.
What is refreshing is how unapologetic these women are about who they are. I do love how they come in all shapes and sizes. Director Shashanka Ghosh weaves a narrative that is quite believable even if all Indian women don't drink and smoke or take 'foreign' trips booking business class seats at the drop of a hat. Like all Indian movies, you can make-believe that this too could be a version of reality.
The first half of the film didn't live up to all the hype…

Goa Amcho

After a day in the sun with games, family fun and many photographs, the last thing I want to do is sit at a laptop. In this instance, I am making an exception. Putting family first is something I’ve learnt from my Goan parents. The Goan community in Sharjah who worked so hard to put all our families at the forefront at an annual picnic need to be recognized for doing just that.
All we had to do was show up with mats and beach chairs. There was complimentary food and beverages provided to all who registered for the picnic. Team games were organised for all who attended. Prizes and chocolates were handed out to children and people of all ages. We even had 'Housie' played in English and Konkani.
Tea, breakfast and biscuits and snacks were in no short supply thanks to generous support of sponsors at the gathering.
It is only the second time I’ve attended this event. What got my family excited to return is the warmth of strangers who feel united despite being so far from home.
What …

Testing the all new Honda Accord 2018

If you are a cautious car-driver like me, you will probably identify with this piece. Not everyone in this world, rides fast cars. We may want to, but some of us have our reasons to tread with caution. My children in the backseat are the biggest reason I never push the pedal. When invited to test drive the All New 2018 Honda Accord, it seemed like a dream come true. These new cars are slick and sporty.

First introduced in 1976, the Honda Accord is the second longest-running automotive nameplate in Honda’s history, after the Honda Civic. The Accord was the first automobile from a Japanese automaker to be manufactured in America and has been in continuous production at the company’s Marysville, Ohio auto plant since November 1, 1982, using domestic and globally sourced parts. Total global Accord production exceeds 17.5 million units.
The 2018 Accord is the 10th generation of Honda’s perennially best-selling midsize sedan. All new from the ground up, the new Accord is built on a new plat…

Ricky Martin at the Dubai Jazz Fest 2018

When singing, dancing and acting are all rolled in to one artist, it almost seems unreal. Award winning artist, Ricky Martin is all this and much more. On his first concert in Dubai, he certainly had us swaying to his tunes and literally transfixed.
"It has taken me 17 years to be at this front line to watch Ricky Martin sing live, and today that wish has come true," says Hosam. This Iranian fan has flown all the way and paid handsomely, just to see one of his biggest idols in person.
It is 12. 30 a.m. on a Saturday morning and the sensational Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin has just left the stage after 180 minutes of singing and dancing.
It’s a night like no other for me. Not only am I covering the Dubai Jazz Festival, an event that's personally close to my heart because it promotes music, we are also given the rare priviledge to go up close for the first three songs of the show.
When he first hits the stage the screaming fans don't know quite how to react. Gabriela H…

The Fish House - a new venue at Intercontinental Dubai Festival City


Set the place a - blaze

When we first get to the entrance of Blaze Burgers, the sign on the door has a rather hilarious sign. 'No stupid people beyond this point.' Its a pretty bold statement to make for an eatery that's barely opened five months ago. This premium burger joint has met tremendous fame in Bahrain and is now receiving a lot of attention in the UAE. Something tells me that this was going to be a fun venue. We choose the outdoor seating to soak in the January weather. Located amid the bustling scene of The Walk at JBR. To me it resembles Beverly Hills, where luxury cars and fashionably dressed people brush past each other. We are literally a stone’s throw away from the beach access. In the distance an outdoor foos-ball table is set up for the public and teenagers are having a game. There’s an outdoor theatre in the vicinity and everyone seems to be on a mission to make their weekend matter.

Soon our focus soon shifts to the spread prepared by the staff at Blaze. My friend is off carb…

Cleaning up the ocean

The news these days is often times pretty grim. Disasters and pollution seem to have sadly become a way of life. Thankfully we still have a lot that we can do to change the scene.
On Saturday 13 January, a team of committed divers, volunteers and various officials got together to clean up our seas.

The Souq Al Jubail fish market is one of the most busy areas for daily fish, vegetable and meat purchases by residents of Sharjah. The marine area surrounding the souq is home to many marine animals and fish which of course sustain most of us living in this Emirate. Many boats are permanently docked here as trade and purchase carries on. What we don't know is that unnecessary trash and old fishing nets and plastic is choking the sea. 

The Sharjah Aquarium which is a part of the Sharjah Museums Authority, together with Sharjah Muncipality has been running clean up events such as this in various locations for the past 8 years. They believe that a lot can be done to create awareness on such …