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Taking Indian cuisine to new heights

When the noise and the humdrum of the world outside is far too much for you, take a breather and come to Gazebo. It is one place that's guaranteed to offer you a feeling of coming home. Do let me explain...

We’ve just returned from my brother’s wedding in India. If you know anything about Indian weddings, you know how loud, long and loving they can get. There’s always ample food that you can’t refuse and lots of excess baggage that you inevitably bring home. We were happy that all went well and we were equally happy to return to the peace and quiet of Sharjah. Believe me there’s a lot of it here. My mornings are spent with a cup of chai watching the world go by. 
Since it was the weekend, we decided to go across the road to our favourite venue, Gazebo. It has been around for close to two decades and the food and the service is always top notch. The group of restaurants has in fact opened five new outlets recently.
Where it all began
As with any good establishment, things grow. Fro…