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Georgia on my mind

When my friend Prajakta asked me if I'd like to travel to Georgia, I was not sure if it was a good idea. For starters I hadn't heard much about the place and also it was a trip without my husband and children so I would be faced with the guilt of going without them.
After a little hesitation, the two of us boarded the plane to Georgia convinced that we would make the most of the short visit that lay ahead. To our surprise the country offered a lush green welcome to our starved eyes. We soon settled in and explored the city, one artistic gem at a time.
Of course Georgia doesn't make it to the top 10 destinations of must see places. It has its own charm and is slowly but surely on the way to ensuring that visitors are left with something to remember them by.
For me, that element was the snow. White, welcoming and pure unadulterated fun. Of course I have been lucky to play in the snow before but the sight of a carpet of soft, white ice, just makes you want to be a kid again.…

Its getting hot in here

Anyone fortunate enough to dine in Italy will know that it is undoubtedly the home of the beloved pizza. A multitude of outlets and chefs worldwide try to replicate the enigma of this crusty, wholesome meal. Few come close... 

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, recently opened its fourth franchise branch at Burjuman Centre in Bur Dubai. Its new menu is designed by the franchise-owner, Manish Jeswani, and Master Pizzaolo, Rosario Accaria, and includes an assortment of desserts and soups.

Made with special Napoli 00 flour and ingredients prepared freshly every morning, 800 Degrees’ authentic Neapolitan Pizzas are baked to perfection in an almond wood-fired oven at (you guessed it) 800 Degrees Fahrenheit. Other features include an in-house prepared Calabrian chili-paste, fresh oregano and peppadew peppers. Peppadew are sweet, tangy red peppers found in South Africa.Guests are invited to create their own pizza from scratch. Gluten-free pizza options are also on offer as are scrumptious pastas…