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The Winds of change

The only thing constant in life is change.

I hate that phrase, precisely because it is so true. You may have heard it a number of times as well. Its basically another way of saying, 'Get used to it, because that's just how things are.' At least for now.

Change often comes and bites you in the rear end when you least expect it. So as I spend the last few days working for some of the publications that I know I will miss, more than they will miss me, there is an element of surprise for what lies ahead.

Our family is relocating to the United Arab Emirates, a place we first called home as newlyweds. The country has expanded and then some, in more ways than one can ever measure. There are a few familiar spots and those give me comfort. I've put up a brave face for the children who have to leave their current group of friends and hesitatingly look for new ones. Thankfully everyone is more socially networked and that gives us some comfort of staying in touch.

So as we fill c…