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Picture perfecto

It is becoming increasingly clear that my old photographs are going to haunt me for some time. Who is that girl beaming from ear to ear with a smaller waistline? Somehow I don't recognize her anymore.

Thanks to social networking there is always that secret fear that someone somewhere is going to upload a picture of your not-so-glamorous self. A long forgotten class picture or perhaps a wedding you were forced to attend. The pictures are not the problem, but their longevity is. They are uploaded forever. For the whole wide web to see.

It is amazing that you may have never felt particularly perky when said pictures were taken. But in hindsight, everything seems so much better. The trees seem greener. The people happier. There is almost a merry tune playing in the background. It is so much easier to gloss over the images.

There are those who post pictures with such regular frequency that it makes one wonder if they do little else. Its as if their lives are one big album with people …