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Anything can happen

Ellie Goulding stomped her feet from the time she came on stage till well over an hour and a half later. She sang without restraint and with a customary shrill that we've all grown accustomed to, hitting the high notes with ease.
The audience at the World Trade Centre waited eagerly for Ellie on September 24. She was performing as a part of Dubai Music Week, an event that brings local and international talent to a common platform. Here is a singer that has already won best debut artist in Britain and is no stranger to fame.
But Ellie did more than sing. She played the drums, rocked an electric guitar and did a cover version of Elton John's, 'Your song.'
Dressed in a black jumpsuit that was embossed in gold, it perfectly reflected the array of lights during each performance and for me it took the show to a completely different level.
With hits like 'Outside,' 'Burn,' 'Lights' and 'Anything can happen,' Ellie also offered fans a chance to…

Relaxation from head to toe

When invited to try the 'Offer of the month' at Tips and Toes Saloon, barely a month before we relocated, I felt like it was a warm welcome saying, ‘Welcome to our city.’
Probably the reason I was the ever eager client who showed up at 9.15 a.m. for a 10 a.m. appointment. Thankfully there were a few other store s open at Al Fardan Centre, Sharjah. I was able to somehow pass the time and enter the saloon at the top of the hour.
Greeted by a sea of smiles and a dozen or so staff members who welcomed me to choose a seat for my treatment, I was soon completely overwhelmed by the view. The saloon faces the Buhaira Corniche. With one of the best views that Sharjah has to offer right in front of you, they have already managed to put clients at ease.
My treatment was done by Chirstina and Charlyn, two efficient ladies who didn't drown my mani-pedi session in small talk among each other. Nope, they diligently worked their way through the Vanilla-Caramel mani-pedi session which they s…

So this is Dubai

When invited to Pacha Ibiza, I didn't know what to expect. The venue is a diner, a nightclub and a venue for live performances all at the same time.
The entrance to the venue at the gates of the Souq Madinat Jumeirah has a bright, welcoming red carpet.

Pacha Ibiza's signature red cherry logo was everwhere and yet somehow it was not overpowering. The live acts began after 8.30 pm. While everyone feasted on appetizers and drinks, the entertainers moved through the crowd at regular intervals with live renditions and even a ballet performance. Pretty crowded for a Tuesday night, one couldn't help but think.
Its definitely a different experience for Dubai residents. We don't normally see someone jump off a high rope from such close proximity. The stage at Pacha Ibiza Dubai, is strategically placed in the centre of the venue which has three floors that look down on to it.

The DJs (I spotted two of them at different stations, there may have been more) managed to get most of th…