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Stereotyped into a corner

Metallica, Metallica, Metallica. Heavy metal, Heavy metal, Heavy metal. Hard rock, Hard rock, Hard rock. Amboli, Amboli, Amboli. Women, Women, Women. Eve Teasers, Eve Teasers, Eve Teasers.

Nope, I haven't gone completely batty (yet). Neither have the keys on my laptop gone haywire. I'm just pondering about something deeper and realising how impressionable we’ve all become.

Does repeating certain words, create a certain impression in your head? Most people would agree. Being a mother I'm more conscious of what I say and when I say it, especially in front of the kids, whom most believe are rather impressionable. But aren't we all? Try repeating those opening lines at the top for yourself. Sooner or later you too may be forming your own impressions. Good, bad, indifferent. They are there and they will provoke your response. Micheal Jackson called it Human Nature. You certainly remember Micheal Jackson right. That guy who died a few years ago and whose death has been reduc…