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Totally Taiwan

When I first landed in Taiwan, I didn't realise I would be entering a world where the people are actually refreshingly pleasant.
It has been a welcome change to meet people who aren't too shy to greet you with delight.
A fellow traveller was embarassed when a Taiwanese acquaintance hugged her tightly and squealed with delight when she noticed a familiar face among the media present at an event. We are unaccustomed to wearing our feelings on our faces.

The people here don't give a second thought and automatically offer a wide smile if you offer one in return. I've tested this more than once in the elevators and the streets of Taipei. A gentleman was counting down the floors with his young son and they grinned when I made small talk and offered to share names in broken English.
Somewhere along the way, the rest of us have forgotten common compassion for fellow beings. It doesn't surprise me that Taiwanese people choose to live, for the most part, fairly simplistic l…

Will get by with a little help from my friends.

Creating a page at the behest of my dear friend who is getting, (to use his own words) forgetful.

These are the times that seem like only a few moments ago. We were young (er), more carefree and somehow didn't have as many errands to run as we do now.

Who can forget the times Satish took a one hour train ride from Charni Road to Borivali, just to sleep in the A.C. room at Betty Apartments.

The time we had a party in the house and all the boys were keeping us locked out of the said A.C. room. Jean Saldanha had the ingenious idea to shut off the main electricity switch forcing everyone to come out of their pleasant cool room.Only to be locked outdoors when the lights were turned back on.

I have a lot more stories to write but deadlines are pulling me in another directions. Do implore you to share your anecdotes here.