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Celebrating 200 stores

Setting up 200 stores across the region has been a fascinating journey for Nayomi, the region’s leading lingerie retailer. The brand recently celebrated this incredible milestone with the store opening in Mirdiff City Centre in Dubai. The event was kicked off with a social media campaign called #200smiles.  A number of women and mall goers were invited to win an in-store shopping spree. The store also offers a collection of casual nightwear, in-house perfumes and creams. Its all showcased in luxurious pink rooms with a spectacular stocking-inspired ceiling design. Dramatic glass chandeliers make for a chic atmosphere where everything is pink, peach, black and white. What’s more the store is referred to as a princess palace. Kamal Jamjoom, the group’s Founder and Chairman, Mark Pilkington, the group CEO and Stephen Holbrook, Divisional Director- Clothing Division were all present at the occasion. Mr. Holbrook explains, “This is our first palace in Dubai and our tenth, in the GCC. We st…

The art of learning

Close to 10 years ago, I was invited to teach public speaking to a group of college students in Dubai. It was an invigorating experience over the course of a long, hot summer and it got me back in touch with how young people think. Most of the students in the class were only interested in getting a passing grade. The others were not even interested in being present for class.
My personal challenge was to treat them like a friend and make public speaking appealing. The huge reward came a few weeks later when I was called, "Maam" in a large electronics store by one of my students. After catching his breath, he came over to say hi. It melted my heart.

Zip to circa 2015 and my tryst with teaching has led me to another group of students in Dubai. I have been asked to teach them effective communications and the age group is around 12 years of age. It has always amazed me how much I get out of each class conducted. The particular group that I met were more interested in my backgro…

Comfort for mind and body

The candle wax treatment at Tips and Toes is just what you need during a hectic week. The massage begins with a few warm stretches of the body. You are then moisturised with natural oils which are infused with candle wax.

The candle gently burns in to a jar of cream and oil. These have immediate calming effects. Much to my surprise the hot wax doesn't sting. You take a few moments to get used to the warm oil being rubbed to your tired limbs. My masseuse has a permanent smile on her face. But that is not the only reason for me to find her endearing. She knows how to massage the body with the right amount of pressure.

The massage lasts for 75 minutes. Just the right amount of time for you to drift away in to a bubble of relaxation. As the treatment ends, I feel the difference in my arms which have a sudden glow. No it isn't the candle that's rubbed off its light on me. I am just glowing from the benefits of getting a good massage.

Tomo - an outstanding view

There was already sufficient excitement in the air. It was the weekend. Time to unwind and head to Dubai. The people at Tomo had invited us to partake of the Sunset Sessions at their rooftop lounge. With a relaxed atmosphere and soothing music played by a DJ who seems at peace with the world, there’s little that can go wrong on the 17th floor of the Raffles Hotel.
We get there just before the sun decides to set. If the view doesn’t get you excited, nothing will. The Floor Manager Housin Belmouslih makes sure his staff is prepped before all the guests arrive. The staff is only too pleased to refill the guests with an array of cocktails and juices on offer. My particular favourite is passion fruit with a hint of vodka. It’s light and refreshing. Tomo is a Japanese restaurant. The word “tomo” is translated from Japanese to mean a long-time friend. 
in keeping with its Japanese theme, they serve Saki wine with Cranberry juice. Ingenious to say the least. After what seems like forever we…