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Chris Botti, Sting and David Gray at the Dubai Jazz Festival February 2016

I don't have to write this blog post. No one sent me complimentary passes. I bought them like any other die-hard music fan. In fact four friends from various parts of this country got together and booked them a month in advance to avoid missing out on this once in a lifetime experience.

Guess what, it was totally worth it. Admittedly I hadn't heard much about Chris Botti till I booked my ticket for the show. It was a chance to watch Gordon Sumner live and I wasn't going to give that up for anything. Watching the two musicians collaborate on various songs online, gave me goosebumps. But that was nothing like seeing their energy on stage. No video clip can do justice to it.

After a mind boggling set of songs with an outstanding jazz band that has been together for 12 years, Botti told the crowd that he played for Frank Sinatra. Naturally one's respect for the musician grew ten fold. He went on to tell us that in 1998 at the passing of Sinatra, one of music's biggest…