A season of giving

It is the season of Iftars. A time when people get together and partake of a meal in friendliness. Of course many venues go to great lengths to create a spread that no one can possibly complete in one sitting.
The desert spread at Kings Grill at the Ramada Beach Hotel Ajman.

The Ramada Beach Hotel Ajman set up a lovely Iftar at King’s Grill. It was attended by media persons from across the UAE. A selection of grilled specialties, appetizers and desserts were all on offer. What was particularly appealing was the view of the serene beach across the road. I particularly liked the juicy mutton kebabs. The salads too were fresh and kept simple.

The amazing grill prepared fresh. 

A sea of healthy salads.

One of the main attractions for me at Iftar is the Arabic sweets. Umm Ali is prepared warm or at room temperature. I prefer the former. A warm dough that is enveloped in pistachios and nuts and soaked in sugary milk. Its no wonder that this dish is seen at most hotels. There is also a selection of dates and other dried fruit along with baklava.
As the Ramadan season slowly draws to a close, the promise of a blessed Eid is upon us. May this season bring peace and comradery to all.


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