Grilled to perfection

With so many eateries springing up in this busy city, its often hard to select the ones which will stand the test of time. Since it opened in the UK in 2004, the Sahara Grill has achieved its fair share of success.

Their first venture outside the UK is in the UAE. I was wowed by the venue’s large bay window that offers a stunning view of the Burj Al Arab Hotel and Jumeirah Beach Hotel -- the iconic landmarks of Dubai. The vast blue expanse is refreshing as is the cool air that is let in to the restaurant via the gigantic wooden-framed windows. 

The rest of the restaurant is chic and simple but my mind is only on the food. Known for its fresh cuts, Sahara Grill only serves freshly imported meats. The meal is flavourful and grilled to the right degree, a plus for those of us who are avoiding fried foods.
Tye Razzaq, CEO of Sahara Grill says, “Our aim is to serve high quality traditional dishes with our own signature that appeal to foodies and are affordable for families.”
 Located in The Mall at Jumeirah Road, the opening night sees a large crowd of people. Pakistan’s cricket player Shahid Afridi is a chief guest but he arrives way after I have left. After a spectacular sand art depiction the media is taken for a food tasting and by then most bloggers are watching their clocks.
The melt-in-your-mouth lamb chops is their signature dish and one that I find hard to resist. The owners offer visitors a chance to indulge in other appetizing international dishes with a twist. The chicken wings are good but nothing like the juicy lamb chops. One can sample a rich Oriental Hummus, a fresh Greek salad or a juicy Mexican Fajita none of which are in short supply. The dessert menu is made of a number of Italian dishes but I never made it to them. Return I will, with a bigger appetite and enough room for dessert.