Ab: original makes its debut

"A writer is only as good as his/her last byline," a former editor and friend warned me, not too long ago.

That was when I was a columnist and full time writer. When we were expected to produce literary works of art, even in our sleep! But would wake up to find them ruthlessly chopped by sub editors making way for advetorial content.

That quote still comes back to me, time and again. Though I'm treading on the freelance side of life now. A writer must keeping writing to keep from rusting. A blog ties in as a perfect platform to sketch those rusty thoughts.

Ab:original is a name I coined way back when I created hand made cards. The cards still happen when the occasion matters...Here Ab:original will be a mixed bag of published and yet to be published work. Musings and meanderings. Ideas and reviews.

Just another regular blog? Read on to find out for yourself.


  1. Dear Abi,
    Keep it up and continue writing.

    Looking forward to see more of your notes and articles on this blog.


  2. Dear Abi,

    Just realised you had a blog when I saw the tag line on your gtalk status!

    Your first piece- the introduction is cool! Love the title for your blog too.

    Looking forward to some interesting reads!


  3. Thanks a ton Surabhi. Somehow I'm still weary of telling everyone about the blog though its up and running and there for the whole world to see:)

    Glad to hear from you. Keep posting.

  4. hey chubs!! tres cool...your fans are thrilled you finally committed to blogging! looking forward to many ab:originals! :)

  5. Fans:)You make me blush, Aps. Tks heaps and keep reading.


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