Anything can happen

Ellie Goulding stomped her feet from the time she came on stage till well over an hour and a half later. She sang without restraint and with a customary shrill that we've all grown accustomed to, hitting the high notes with ease.
The audience at the World Trade Centre waited eagerly for Ellie on September 24. She was performing as a part of Dubai Music Week, an event that brings local and international talent to a common platform. Here is a singer that has already won best debut artist in Britain and is no stranger to fame.
But Ellie did more than sing. She played the drums, rocked an electric guitar and did a cover version of Elton John's, 'Your song.'
Dressed in a black jumpsuit that was embossed in gold, it perfectly reflected the array of lights during each performance and for me it took the show to a completely different level.
With hits like 'Outside,' 'Burn,' 'Lights' and 'Anything can happen,' Ellie also offered fans a chance to listen to her newly released music as well.
While catching her breath between songs, she said, "I've met all kinds of audiences in the 1000 or more shows I've done, but its lovely to see a crowd with such passion, so thank you." Of course it only made us love her more.
The most requested song of the night was of course saved for the end. 'Love me like you do,' may have become famous with the release of the film, 'Fifty shades of Grey,' but one can easily argue that the song helped promote the film in a huge way.
As I stood there transfixed, watching a few hundred hands sway about in the air, I realised that Ellie, was right, the universe does often open a door. And anything can happen.
I was barely a few feet away feeling the energy of this blonde, beautiful singer who proved that she has a lot more energy than any of us anticipated.