Georgia on my mind

When my friend Prajakta asked me if I'd like to travel to Georgia, I was not sure if it was a good idea. For starters I hadn't heard much about the place and also it was a trip without my husband and children so I would be faced with the guilt of going without them.
After a little hesitation, the two of us boarded the plane to Georgia convinced that we would make the most of the short visit that lay ahead. To our surprise the country offered a lush green welcome to our starved eyes. We soon settled in and explored the city, one artistic gem at a time.
Of course Georgia doesn't make it to the top 10 destinations of must see places. It has its own charm and is slowly but surely on the way to ensuring that visitors are left with something to remember them by.
For me, that element was the snow. White, welcoming and pure unadulterated fun. Of course I have been lucky to play in the snow before but the sight of a carpet of soft, white ice, just makes you want to be a kid again. We were told that we had to drive out of the city for an hour to find snow and frankly no distance was too long for people who have lived in the Middle East for a bit too long. Our guide was tickled that the first sight of snow turned us in to little numbnuts, (the focus being on the numb feeling thanks to minus three temperatures).
When we got back to the city, we made sure to catch a play at the quaint puppet theatre in the heart of the city. It was wonderful to see that this art form was still being kept alive, what with 3D films and animation being so popular.
As we made it back to the airport I couldn't help thank my friend for inviting me to the trip. It has rejuvenated me like only travel can.

One of the oldest churches in Georgia which also holds as a monastery. Here it is undergoing renovation.

The trees seemed to dance in delight welcoming the snow and its many admirers.

View from the top of a narrow steeple which overlooks the city of love.
Fresh tracks make one want to play detective as you wonder who has walked ahead.

Driving away from the snow capped mountains as the sun sets.

The poster outside a delightful puppet theatre where we watched puppets come alive as they told a comical royal story.

A visitor makes his way up the first flight of stairs to the second which leads to a spectacular church with a jaw dropping view.

Inside one of the oldest churches which is atop a steep hill. Here the only sounds I remember were howling winds and the melodious chants of the monks that prayed in the corners of this sacred space. This miraculous cross has stood the test of time.

It isn't easy to leave this immaculate snow, so I whisper a prayer that soon I will be here again.