Every day is a ladies day.

I've been a student of public speaking since 1992. 

That is 15 years.

I learnt it from St. Xavier's College Mumbai. A 12 week class where students from various fields put their home work aside and put themselves in front of each other.

There's still a lot for me to learn, but this much is true.

  • I've taught at Emirates College of Mass Communications and Information Technology in Dubai.
  • I've also taught for two years at Confident Communications in Al Nahda.
  • I know women and I know they just need to be themselves.
  • One class is enough. Attend it, spread the joy, because every day is a ladies day.
  • The fee is because I know women need to invest in themselves. Nothing comes for free.
  • Classes are in the morning because evenings are for me and my family. Most women know this.

 So attend a class and tell your friends. Because it is time to stop complaining and making excuses. There's no time for that.
On Internationals Women's Day, lets do something that's worth talking about.